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More than 50 Powerful and Influential Quotes to live by - BestQuotesSite.com Life is like a roller coaster in which there are ups and downs, but the main objective of your life should be to remain still and calm no matter how much high your coaster goes, it will come back to its original place again! Similarly, bad times cannot...

Buddha Quotes

Buddha Quotes - BestQuotesSite Brief Introduction on Buddha. Siddhattha Gotama, also known as Buddha, founded the religion of Buddhism and lived in ancient India. He was not only a great leader but was also an outstanding philosopher and meditator who had wonderful sense of spirituality! He taught people for around 45 years which also brought him the title of Awakened One. People were...

Alone Quotes

Top 25 Alone Quotes - BestQuotesSite.com HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ALONE? Loneliness is a situation when you are just within yourself and you have no one around you, but yes, why am I telling you the meaning? Only an alone person can understand the actual meaning of Loneliness. It's not just about being alone but it's a room full...

Goodbye Quotes

Some Of The Painful And Most Famous Goodbye Quotes - BestQuotesSite.com HOW DOES IT FEELS TO SAY GOODBYE? Saying goodbye to the person you love the most can be the most painful thing ever! When you are born, you meet people, interact with them, socialize and then you start trusting each other. No matter who he or she is, your brother,...

Food Quotes

SOME OF THE DELIGHTFUL AND IDEAL FOOD QUOTES - BestQuotesSite FOOD, MY LOVE! Food is my first love and as far as I am considered, I live to eat! Well, food gives us energy, a general fact but my truth is that it gives me a reason to live! and it's a fact that when we eat our favourite food, it...

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