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TOP 20 KARMA QUOTES - BestQuotesSite WHAT IS KARMA? IS IS A REVENGE? Karma is a bitch, you must have heard about it, right? Well, this is true! Karma will be seen by everybody. It is not a thing or a person but it will come to you at every stage of your life! To all those who think ill of...

Women Quotes

WOMEN QUOTES - BestQuotesSite IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN A house is incomplete without a mother! A father loves his princess, his daughter! A husband cannot live without his wife! And a brother can tolerate everything but no word against his sister! Who are them that you love unconditionally? Women! This word WOMEN may look like a small word but the meaning cannot...

Teacher Quotes

Top Teacher Quotes HOW IMPORTANT IS RESPECT FOR TEACHERS? Teachers are like our second parents. Our real parents give birth to us and they raise us doing a lot of sacrifices but our teachers equally play an important role in our upbringing. They teach us the difference between right and wrong, they teach us what's better for us and how we...
Thomas Jefferson Quotes - BestQuotesSite.com About the life of Thomas Jefferson: Thomas Jefferson was born in America, on 13 April year 1743. He is known for his architects and was a great lawyer along with being a philosopher too. Moreover, he was also the third president of the United States and he lost his father when he was just 14 years...

Peter Pan Quotes

Amazing and Meaningful Peter Pan Quotes - BestQuotesSite  Who is Peter pan? Peter Pan, an adventurous and mischievous character is world famous for it's meaningful quotes and statements. We all know him as a child who never grows and keeps on doing different things. He spent his childhood doing strange things in the Island of Neverland; He met the mermaids and...

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